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Life Thoughts (Lutherans for Life)

May 22 – Easter VI – Will euthanasia “let the peoples praise you, O God”? Does embryo experimentation “let all the peoples praise you” (Psalm 67:3)? If the heavenly city’s structures have the brilliance of gemstones (Revelation 21), what inestimable value resides in the human bodies whom the Lamb has written into His book of life by creating, redeeming, and calling them each? Our witness to the sanctity of life may bring tribulation, but His grace alone has overcome it already (John 16:33).

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“I’m looking for some clarification on the COVID-19 vaccine from a pro-life perspective. Do any of the current COVID-19 vaccines use aborted fetal tissue or deal with aborted children in any way?”

Here’s a response from from Dr. David Prentice
Vice President and Director of Research at Charlotte Lozier Institute


“SID” stands for “Southern Illinois District.” Within The LCMS the state of Illinois is split into three districts: Northern, Central, and Southern. This group works in the Southern chunk of Illinois.

“Advocates for Life”?

The SID “Advocates for Life” (or A4L) are Lutheran Christians who work together with various groups operating in the SID to speak up for all life from womb to tomb. While awareness of legal statutes and such is a part of this group’s work, the bigger goal is to bring the message of Jesus Christ to all people in all circumstances of life.

Jesus is the only one who brings true peace, forgiveness, and eternal life.

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Why does a group like this need to exist?

Because people need to hear about the hope and peace we have in Jesus.

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Here is a hymn written by a local pastor that may also be a blessing to your day as you think about God’s gift of life.