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On Tuesday, we rallied against Senate Bill 1909, the so called “Deceptive Practices of Limited Services Pregnancy Centers Act.” It is identical to HB 2463 – but because of pro-life witness slips, they changed tactics.

The deceptive title hides what this bill aims to accomplish: targeting the 95+ pregnancy care centers in Illinois that provide tens of thousands of women and families with diapers, cribs, car seats, clothing parenting classes, pregnancy tests, and more every year.

File a witness slip today to send a clear message to Illinois state senators that pregnancy centers should be protected, not attacked.

Instructions to Fill out a Witness Slip to oppose this bill:
1. Fill in your information.
2. Write “Self” in two fields: Firm/Business or Agency” and Persons, groups firms represented in this appearance”
3. Under Position, click opponent
4 . Under Testimony, click “Record Of Appearance Only”

What’s Included in SB 1909
From our friends at Illinois Right to Life:

FIRST — The Forced Abortion Information Act claims to protect the ability of individuals “to make autonomous, informed and evidence-based decisions” about having an abortion. However, it is another attempt to force pregnancy help centers to cooperate in some way with abortions or referrals for abortions.

This bill would most likely lead to the closing of pregnancy help centers entirely.

SECOND — The Forced Abortion Information Act makes pregnancy resource centers and sidewalk advocates civilly liable for “deceptive acts or practice” for any concealment, suppression, or omission of a “material fact”.

This means pro-life pregnancy resource centers could be liable for refusing to provide a woman with instructions on how to obtain an abortion, even if it violates an individual’s conscience.

THIRD — Under the Forced Abortion Information Act, the Illinois Attorney General has the authority to initiative a complaint against pregnancy resource centers according to “public interest.”

In other words, investigations by the state are not based on any specific complaint.

FOURTH — Under the Forced Abortion Information Act, the Attorney General also has the authority to “impound” pregnancy resource center records as the investigation continues.

If the Attorney General determines a center is in violation of the law, penalties up to $50,000 can be issued.

Click here to learn more from Illinois Right to Life.

And you can sign up to get a text alert from Illinois Right to Life Action each time witness slips are needed- text “LIFE” to 888-493-9109.

March 21st was just the beginning
This bill is another example of the importance of advocating directly to lawmakers. This week, thousands marched for life and spoke to Illinois lawmakers specifically asking them to stop SB 1909. Hearts were opened to life this week, but we must keep advocating in order to save lives in Illinois.

(Information provided by the March for Life.)

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